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3 ways that collaborative software can benefit your workflow


What does a typical day in the office look like to you? Do you find yourself sending and receiving hundreds of emails, sometimes losing track of important information in the midst of an overflow of communications?

Perhaps you’ve received an email with pages of forwarded emails underneath, and have struggled to make sense of it to find the parts that you are looking for?

This is where collaborative software comes in. It works as an effective replacement for email, allowing you to do the following things which will benefit your workflow:

#1 Streamline your conversations

Instead of contacting all your team members and colleagues separately on individual conversations multiple times per day, workplace collaboration software allows you to use an enterprise social network to efficiently manage workflow and communications.

This means that you no longer have to have as many conversations to keep track of, but all team members can see all updates posted to one another once they have subscribed to that conversation. Notifications of new messages are sent in real-time providing you with regular updates in a single location, ensuring no important messages are missed.

#2 Bring all of your information together

Collaborative software will also allow you to consolidate information together in a single place – everything regarding one topic; including customers, procedures, tasks, tests. This allows you to stay updated with the progress of that topic, subscribing to each separate subject as required.

Unlike email, you are less likely to lose important information contained across separate threads, and you don’t need to go sifting through your inbox to find that piece of information you are looking for. Overall, this allows you to work more quickly and efficiently.

#3 Be more organised

Using workflow collaboration software automatically gives you the ability to be organised better. Everything becomes prearranged by its topic, meaning that nothing is lost or in the wrong place. The real-time updates given by collaborative software mean that you no longer have to be organised and check for updates, but you will never miss a detail again.

Workflow collaboration software for your business

Despite the initial learning curve when getting to grips with collaborative software, it will benefit your business in the long-run by increasing your ability to work quickly, without any loss of information or confusion. Simple things like multiple colleagues being able to open and edit files in real-time mean that your efficiency as a team, as well as individually, increases.


To find out more about workflow collaboration software and the benefit it could have on your business, contact one of the Geeks team today.

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