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8 common website design mistakes to avoid


Building a website involves many different elements from on-page optimisation to making it aesthetically pleasing. One key aim is to make your website as user friendly as possible, to encourage visitors to remain on your site for longer and browse other pages. However there are many things which can put off your visitors, so despite all the best practice tips and tricks that you’ve incorporated for designing the perfect website, here are 8 common website mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1 – Using old technology

Don’t limit yourself to old technology. Make sure you’re up to date with HTML5 and CSS3, which will make it easier for you to edit and customise your website, instead of putting in a number of different frames. Ensure your web security settings are up to date.


Nobody likes to be shouted at, and that’s exactly the impression you’re going to give to your visitors if you’re using capitalisation all over your site. Calm it down and use header tags and colours to highlight important information instead.

Mistake #3 –Automatically playing videos

There’s nothing more annoying than a video playing loudly and suddenly as soon as you visit a webpage. If you have a video that plays automatically on your site, most people will click off of it as soon as possible. Instead, opt for a video that plays when clicked on to avoid startling your visitors.

Mistake #4 – Underlining text

The only text that should be underlined is text that has a link on it. This will clearly display where there are links and encourage visitors to click through to them. Use different formatting such as bolding to emphasise text.

Mistake #5 – Allowing pop-ups

Pop-ups aren’t always welcomed by an audience. If you want to keep your website visitors happy then avoid having pop-ups on your site. Stick to one animation per page to make your site look beautiful.

Mistake #6 – Too many interactive features

Interactive features such as text sliders are a great way to make your site user-friendly, but overloading your site with interactive elements can feel messy and claustrophobic. This will drive your audience away instead of encouraging them to interact with your site.

Mistake #7 – GIFs

GIFs images are aging technology, and are rarely suited to website use due to their file size. They can distract from other important content, where images may look more professional. Stick to strong imagery and other elements within your website.

Mistake #8 – Adverts on your page

Having over 3 adverts on a single page can divert visitors away from your site or simply irritate them. Stick only to necessary and relevant adverts, and avoid them where possible.

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