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Geeks Ltd won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2014!


We are extremely thrilled! Yesterday it was announced that we won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation 2014. The Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) unveiled the winners of the 2014 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise yesterday. Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable said:

"Companies that are growing, innovating and championing UK business overseas deserve the recognition that these awards bestow."



The Queen's Awards Office said:

"Geeks Limited wins an Innovation Award for developing two software products which increase the productivity of software analysts, designers and developers. The first, Visual Spec, enables system designers to visualise requirements and design of new software application or website projects in order to effectively communicate and document requirements with project stakeholders. This innovation solves a key problem of the software industry in relation to requirements ambiguity. The second is a programming language called M-Sharp, which increases the productivity of developers by up to four times.

This novel language represents a paradigm shift in building web-based, database-driven software applications by incorporating automatic reuse of code and features. Despite being cutting edge, M-Sharp does not impose adoption risks since the output code is based merely on standard Microsoft technology and so clients can service, maintain and enhance the results even without M-Sharp. It has been commercially successful for hundreds of organisations, including the BBC and the Houses of Parliament."


David Cameron, Prime Minister, said:

"In recognising their outstanding and innovative achievements, and their contribution to our economy, I hope other businesses and entrepreneurs will be inspired to follow their lead." Read more...


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