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Geeks support the introduction of coding to the primary school curriculum


From September, computer programming will be a compulsory part of the national curriculum, making England the first country in the world where this is the case. Children will learn programming from the age of 5, through primary and secondary school, up until finishing their GCSEs aged 16.

Merton Park Primary visit to Geeks

Geeks support the government's new initiative to introduce coding to the primary school curriculum, and this week we opened our office to the local code club at Merton Park Primary School to show them how websites are developed for clients and to answer their questions about careers in programming.

During the visit, our staff played games with the children, giving them a chance to each learn and enter one html tag to create their own website. The children were inspired by hearing our stories of how we got into programming and a bit about some of our jobs.

The curriculum change

With 17,000 primary schools and 3,000 secondary schools in England, it is a huge job to make sure that the preparations for coding as a compulsory part of the national curriculum are in place. Teachers are being offered free online courses in coding by Codecademy, New York, in order to provide them with knowledge sufficient to teach programming to their students.

Taking on these changes will be a key step in developing the technological skills of children within the UK. Teachers will be supported and encouraged to deliver the new Computing curriculum in a confident and enthusiastic way.

To find out how Geeks are getting on board with supporting coding in the national curriculum, or how they can help you, contact one of the Geeks today.

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