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Geeks win at the FSB London Awards


We are happy to announce that Geeks have been selected as winners of the Best Business Innovation and Best Business in Merton awards at the FSB London Awards 2014. The ceremony was held in the evening of 20th July, with the event aiming to recognise and rewards businesses within the London region for their business achievements. Formed in 1974, The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is the UK’s largest group promoting and protecting small British businesses across 33 regions of the UK.

Innovative software development

Coming up with innovative ways to improve quality and efficiency is at the heart of what we do at Geeks. Our ground-breaking tool, VisualSpec™, works creatively to overcome key problems within the software industry, whilst delivering quality services within a fast time-frame.

We are proud to now provide UK and European businesses with a robust and cost-effective alternative to off-shoring that gives the client control of the budget, a fast turnaround for tight deadlines as well as exceptional software quality. We achieve that thanks to our exceptionally creative and professional team, and our technologies and innovations.


The FSB London Awards Winners

Geeks came out as winners of the FSB London Awards 2014 in two categories, being rewarded for our achievements within innovative design and our business plan and growth:

- FSB Awards for Best Innovation

FSB Awards for Best Business in Merton

A full list of winners in other categories can be found on the FSB London Awards website.

All together Geeks have won 6 awards this year so far, making it the most successful year in our history, and placing us at the top position as the leading bespoke software development company across United Kingdom. Learn about our other awards.

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