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How can Google Analytics help you to improve your website?


Google Analytics is a useful tool to analyse your website traffic. It can be used to make decisions to improve your bounce rate, increase engagement and conversion. Google Analytics provides data on the daily number of visitors to your site, which pages were visited and the duration spent on each page. These statistics can highlight problems with your site. For example, a website with a poorly designed homepage could expect to see a high bounce rate amongst visitors, where the majority of viewers leave the site within a few seconds of opening it.

See if you’re targeting the correct audience

A helpful feature of Google Analytics can be the map overlap feature, which shows you the location of your visitors. This can be useful to see whether you’re achieving relevant traffic to your site. If you’re targeting an audience within the UK, or if you’re an international business this can give you even more detail about the locations of your visitors. This information can help you to edit your site to suit your visitors for example using English spellings for a UK audience, or reading right to left for an Asian target audience.

Track conversions with goals

Google Analytics can be used in conjunction with Adwords to track goals and conversions. Use Google Analytics to assess the performance of your marketing activity. When a user lands on a specific page, Analytics can record this user’s activity as a successful conversion.

Make your first impression count

If you do have a high bounce rate there are a number of things that you can do to reduce this quickly. Take a look at what browsers your visitors are using and ensure that features within your site are compatible with these. Have a simple layout that directs visitors to information easily within the menu structure, and don’t overload them with a mass of information on the homepage that could be overwhelming.

Repeat visitors and remarketing

Google Analytics will also indicate whether the same visitors are continuing to visit your website over time, which will allow you to use their information to target further marketing to them. Google Remarketing can be setup in Adwords. This can be used for remarketing to promote your adverts to visitors even once they exit your website. This keeps your brand fresh in their mind through displaying adverts based on cookie tracking. This is used by many ecommerce sites when customers don’t complete a purchase, to remind them to revisit the website and complete the process.

Using Google Analytics to improve your website

Google Analytics can help you to identify what works with your website and what needs to be improved to increase your customer engagement. By seeing which pages have the most views on your site, you can make changes to other pages to encourage more visitors and increase conversions.

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