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How to measure the success of your website using Google Analytics


An effective website design is more than just something that looks good. A website needs to take care of all necessary functions such as allowing customers to buy your products and services and providing the information that they need. To see whether your website is successfully converting traffic, you should monitor it using Google Analytics.

 This enables you to see where it is working well and areas that are not so strong and need improvement. Google Analytics is a service that is offered completely free of charge. But what exactly does using an Analytics tool show businesses about their website?

Compare different pages within your site

How many visitors are clicking onto your site and then bouncing off again? This “bounce rate” gives you an indication on how strong the first impression of your site is. If your website is engaging, the bounce rate will be lower. This can be measured for different pages, seeing which are the easiest to use, best looking and therefore the most effective at keeping your potential customers browsing your site.

Make improvements based on the success of other pages

Google Analytics also compares and reports the top pages that have been visited most frequently, and for the longest period of time. Using this information, you can see what your audience is looking for and extend this across your less successful pages to make them more engaging. You can also improve practical features such as your navigation system to ensure that using your site is easy and interesting.

Watch what your visitors are doing

Track what your visitors are doing on your site including which pages they visit and links they click on. Measure which pages are generating the most traffic, and which days and times of day are the most frequently visited. You can use this information to publish new articles, blogs and content to promote your business even more since they will get the most attention at those times. At the same time, use the least-visited times to carry out maintenance on your site. Track and monitor your keywords that users search and use the results to refine your organic strategy.

Ensure a high conversion rate with Goal Setting

Google Analytics is able to show you what is and is not successful in encouraging your visitors to buy your products and services. Setting up “Goals” in Analytics enables you to establish which marketing activity is working. A goal could be anything from a hit on a contact page through to a webform submission. As you make improvements, your conversion rate should increase. The aim of your website is to drive sales and customer loyalty, so if statistics show that your sales and repeat customers are increasing, then your website is growing in success. If it is not, then you will need to re-examine how your website is working.

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