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Partnership between Geeks and SECFORCE


We are pleased to announce a partnership between Geeks Ltd and SECFORCE Limited, as our Security Testing Partner.

With their expertise we now facilitate independent, yet fully managed and effective penetration testing for those of our clients whose applications are more security-sensitive and who need bullet-proofing.

SECFORCE is one of the UK’s leading security consultancies. They are at the cutting edge of the security industry and one step ahead of the latest threat trends and vulnerabilities, and so they can provide clients with best advice and assurance.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is an assurance exercise. Let’s put it this way: “How do you know whether your application can be compromised by a hacker?” Normally the answer would be “I can't be sure”.

Penetration testing provides an answer to that question, along with recommendations to aggressively enhance security in the application and supporting infrastructure. It recreates the scenario of a malicious (but not destructive) attacker targeting the application.

A security consultant will evaluate the security of the application using the same techniques a real attacker would use, such as the identification of weak passwords (using brute force techniques), exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities, injection techniques, etc.

Geeks Ltd's security lifecycle

Security is very serious to us. As part of our development process, we generate highly secure code which has been independently tested in a number of ways. However, we recognise the fact that our customers may require some more independent testing of the final application, once it is deployed, to ensure that the bespoke code follows the highest security standards.

Penetration testing is a highly specialised service, which is more effective when conducted independently. That's why we have partnered with SECFORCE, to provide to our clients the most reliable service.

Some words from SECFORCE

James Beamish from SECFORCE Limited had the following to say about this partnership:

“It is fantastic to work in a partnership with Geeks. The ethos of their business is to ensure that their clients significantly reduce the time, costs and risks associated with the delivery of their web solutions.

We are proud to be part of this process by helping them and their clients manage their own security risk, allowing Geeks to deliver extremely cost effective web development that we have independently validated from a security perspective”

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