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The Role of a Content Management System in Website Development


An effective and highly-functional website is a key part of a digital strategy, giving businesses a clear online presence. Your website should link in with the fundamental systems of your business, allowing every part to work together. This helps companies to grow their audience and increase loyalty across their client base. Using a CMS (Content Management System) within your website gives you the ability to incorporate different elements to your existing site and edit all of your content on the go.

Features can be added to your site using a CMS

Using a CMS allows you to easily add features to your site. Content can be added, edited and services updated whenever necessary. New web features can also be added without the need for a developer. A CMS enabled website gives you the chance to respond to customer demands in real-time and for them to be able to buy your products and services 24/7. You can also implement quality checks to reduce any errors and integrate your site with your billing, warehouse and delivery system.

Increased functionality

Incorporating a CMS into your website gives overall increased functionality. This means that you are able to meet the needs of your customers more effectively. You are able to connect your existing systems to your website to give you an integrated web system. Even when you are not individually monitoring your site, it will continue to function efficiently.

Combining different elements together

Your company systems combine all of your business functions into one system, including finance, human resources and other areas. Each of these is able to work together within the system whilst operating singularly too. Your CMS should be no different and allow your site to be customised and changed in real time. You can create a custom eCommerce platform for your customers within your site easily, as well as develop and edit your website as necessary to meet your customers’ requirements and the business demands.

Website development with a CMS

When you’re developing your website, it is vital to use a CMS to give yourself a platform that is as flexible and adaptable as possible. Every business is different; therefore using a CMS in your design will give you the chance to design a bespoke site to meet your exact requirements. You can extend this to mobile device design to optimise your site for tablets and other mobile devices as well as desktop use.

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