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Using IP tracking within your website could increase your sales


When you access the internet, a device is assigned with an IP, or Internet Protocol, address which can be uniquely identified. Businesses usually have a fixed IP address. This means that your website visitors can be measured and tracked individually. Used well, this can help you target your marketing technique towards these individual users by tracking their behaviour.

How does it work?

IP address tracking works by acquiring company data by cross referencing the name of the business against public database solutions. Premium paid services can also be integrated such as Dun & Bradstreet Data. Using email marketing, you can deposit a cookie on the machine of your prospect when they click on to your website. Your IP tracking solution will show the prospect and track their behaviour. Each user is tracked individually, distinguishing them from each other, so that you can monitor the movements of them independently around your site.

What information can you measure?

Using tracking tools such as WOW Analytics or Lead Forensics will allow you to see which are the most frequent visitors, the pages that they looked at, and the time period between which they were on each page. In this way, you can see what they are potentially the most interested in finding out about, and what they are looking for. You can also see where they have been directed to your site from – this could be from an email campaign, or key words that they have typed into the search engine. Seeing which keywords have directed them to your site can help you to determine which are successful and help you to refine your SEO strategy.

How IP tracking can help your email campaigns through remarketing

As well as measuring how many prospects click through to your site, some IP tracking and analytics tools are able to consolidate the IP address of visitors with their email address and other contact details, should they also be on your email marketing database. This can help you to build a bigger picture of your prospects before following them up.

Using tracking to determine leads

As you build up the whole picture of your visitors, you should be able to measure ‘how hot’ these prospects are. If they are frequent visitors engaging with and your site, this indicates that they could be a strong lead. In this way you can use targeted remarketing to encourage them to buy your services or product.

Using automated campaigns, you can send targeted personal emails depending on their areas of interest. Tools such as Google Adwords can be helpful for remarketing too, depositing a cookie on the machine of every visitor so that your advert will appear on various web pages as they use the internet.

Driving successful sales

Ultimately, refining your marketing strategy using IP tracking to target prospects, can result in driving your sales up. Directing at those who are already interested is going to be a lot more successful. Direct engagement encourages people to buy your products or services. Not only this, but seeing which pages are being most frequently visited can help you to redesign the others. Overall this can help you to build a better website which will make visitors want to browse and make purchases.

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