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Using user behaviour to increase conversion


An engaged user is one who is more likely to buy your products. When you design your website, it is important to consider how you can encourage visitors to interact with your site. If you can achieve that, they will be more likely to revisit to buy products or services in the future, even if not on that particular visit. You could have the largest number of people clicking onto your site, but if you don’t engage them then you’ll just have a high bounce rate.

Working out your conversion rate using Google Analytics

To work out how effective your website is at building a loyal customer base, the following factors should be considered:

-          Where are your visitors coming from? The first step is to direct users onto your website through ads, blogs, social media platforms, or via Search Engine Optimisation

-          How many loyal customers you have returning to buy further products or services after their first purchase

Using Google Analytics, you can check, track and setup goals to establish the effectiveness of your website. With these things in mind, how do you make your website more engaging to convert to sales?

Make your first impression stick

The number one thing which turns website visitors away is lack of usability. This causes a high bounce rate. The first thing your visitors should see is what you do, how they can get your help and what is the “call to action”. Give a welcoming first impression by making the important features of your site clear, rather than overloading them with information. Begin engaging with visitors to your site, quickly by adding a chat option. Another great way to increase user engagement and conversion is to utilise engaging content such as videos and moving features on the page.

Ease them into exploring your product with remarketing

Use tracking and analytics tools to monitor who has visited your site. When they show interest in certain products or features, set up automatic remarketing to send out emails to give them more information and a chance to find out more. These automation tools can be managed through cookies or by looking at the user engagement to target specific campaigns based on what the user has viewed. Being helpful and informative is not the same as bombarding them with loads of information to upsell. Instead, have a set timing for sending future emails, simply to remind them of your business after a short amount of time. Don’t do this too frequently or they will get fed up.

You also can have a FAQs page to give them information that is frequently requested, which will cut down the amount you need to send them and store on your homepage or product information pages. FAQ pages can also boost your website’s visibility in Google.



Create a conversation with your site’s users

Purposely promote new services throughout your site. This will get users excited about them, especially if you are offering a limited time discount or other incentive to encourage them to take action.

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