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What are the most common website design mistakes to avoid?

Tom Janssen
Tom Janssen

When you visit a website, there are a number of elements which will either encourage you to keep browsing, or cause you to search elsewhere. Most visitors make up their minds within the first 5 seconds of browsing a site. There are many common mistakes that people make when designing their website that can be easily resolved. Here are the most common website pitfalls:

Difficult navigation options

One of the worst mistakes is creating a menu for your website that makes it difficult and confusing to navigate. Having too many options in a drop down menu can overwhelm visitors and make it unclear which page to visit to find what they need. 

The fix: Organise your menu in a straightforward and meaningful way. Keep your menu in a standard location such as horizontally across the top of your site. Make sure that your title navigation options are clear and usual standardised text – such as “Contact Us” to allow users to find your contact information quickly.

Unbalanced SEO

Optimising for SEO is vital if you want your website to rank highly in Google, but there can also be a fine balance between making your website inaccessible. Content needs to be relevant, concise and contain keywords, but also make complete sense and provide enough information to visitors.

The fix: Focus on key elements of SEO such as meta tags and a description, so that you can tailor your content more for the reader.

Lack of clarity

Overcrowding and general lack of clarity can be an issue that is common on many websites. As tempting as it is to try and tell your visitors everything that they need to know in detail, it’s often best to keep text concise and draw attention to the most important things using layout and presentation techniques.

The fix: Make good use of whitespace and spread out any text and images to focus on the most important elements on each page.

Too many distractions

Images should only be use if they’re relevant and bring something to the page. Often websites can be overpowered by too many images and different colours being used. This takes the focus away from the key elements of the page.

The fix: Use colour sparingly and consider using a theme. This will help you to use colour to highlight the parts of the site that you want your audience to interact with, such as clicking through to a specific page or directing them to your contact form.

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