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What could Google Analytics tell you about your website?


Once you’ve got your website up and running, how can you measure its success? Is there anything that is discouraging visitors from staying on your site? Which pages are driving the most traffic and conversions? Using Google Analytics, you can gain a deeper insight into your website and how to improve it. The basic edition is free to use and provides world class analytics.

Visitor behaviour will highlight problem areas

Using Google Analytics, you’ll easily be able to see how many visits people are making to your site and how long they are staying for. Even if you have a huge number of visitors, if they’re only staying a few seconds, then it is unlikely that they’re getting past your homepage to look at any of your other content. This suggests that changes need to be made to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience, so that they stay and look around. On the other hand, you may find that you have a low number of visitors, but these visitors are staying and browsing for a longer time. In this case, it may highlight that you need to focus on directing traffic to your site – whether that’s through social media, organic search or paid advertising.

Marketing your business more effectively

Google Analytics can also show you a breakdown of where traffic to your site is coming from. From searching for keywords relating to your business to being directed to your site through your social media platform, Google Analytics will allow you to see the number of visitors from each channel. Looking at the site “Acquisition” tab will show you details of whether visitors have searched for your company name and which social networks have directed the highest rate of traffic. Analysing these statistics will help you to focus on the most effective marketing techniques to increase your traffic.

The most viewed pages on your site

In addition to the general number of visitors to your site, Google Analytics will also show you the content that is being viewed the most. In general, many business find that their homepage has the greatest number of views, but it may also be that blog posts, articles, or even your contact page has the greatest engagement. Looking at these statistics can help you to see what your visitors are interested in, and which features work well on certain pages to incorporate these into the less successful pages.

Building links to your website

Link-building a powerful tool for SEO, but it also helps you to grow your audience from other sites. Google Analytics can monitor which links are directing traffic to your site and enable you to assess the frequency of engagement. This way you can build on the links that are the most useful at driving traffic to your site.

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