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Will Google’s Mobilegeddon update make a difference to non-mobile responsive websites?


Google recently announced that they would be “expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” On 21st April, the long-awaited change occurred, but how much difference will it make to sites that are not mobile responsive? 

Why go mobile responsive?

Although we are yet to see the full extent of the impact from the latest Google update, the initial idea is that websites that are mobile-responsive will rank more highly in organic search engine results. Even if a site is designed for use with mobile, designing a version for each screen resolution is time-consuming and expensive. Responsive sites overcome this issue by taking a standard site and telling the mobile device how to display it at any resolution. This means that one site will appear in an optimum layout regardless of whether displayed on a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Long-term benefits

Despite being complicated to build, optimising a responsive site over time and updating content becomes easier. It also resolves issues with duplication as content is on one single version of the site instead of multiple separate versions, which could otherwise end up being penalised by Google.

Is being mobile responsive necessary?

Mobile responsive sites have much higher conversion rates than non-responsive sites. If you’ve ever tried to read a standard webpage on a smartphone, you’ll understand why. Making it easier for your visitors to view and navigate around your site means they’re more likely to browse for longer, resulting in more sales and interaction.

Being prepared

More and more people are using mobile phones and other devices to access the internet, so if you’ve not got a mobile responsive site you may be missing out. With the new Google update beginning to penalise non responsive sites, there’s no better time to make your site mobile-responsive than now. Not only will it help your SEO efforts, but it will be highly flexible and require less maintenance in the future.

Getting your web design right

We know that not everyone is an expert in web design, which is why we can help you to create dynamic, mobile-optimised websites to reach your customers effectively.

If you want a bespoke website design, or have any questions about the new Google changes, get in touch with the Geeks today.




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