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Case study: Council of Europe

About Council of Europe

The Council of Europe, with the assistance of its 47 member countries, aims to develop common and democratic principles throughout Europe. European Heritage Days is one of their initiatives to help highlight the diversity and intercultural links of European heritage.
Council of Europe
Heritage screenshot

The Background

European Heritage Days are annual events held simultaneously across Europe. In order to promote these Days, the Council of Europe needed an online portal which would allow fresh content to be uploaded by key account holders and viewed by members of the public.

The Solution

Digital Geeks designed and delivered an interactive website allowing participants to add exciting content for cultural events using state-of-the-art map integration technologies. It engaged international tourists to search for cultural events of interest by geographic location and gather supporting information.

Case study: BBC Mundo

About BBC Mundo

BBC Mundo is part of The BBC World Service, providing BBC content and programs to millions of Spanish speaking people around the world. With its headquarters in London, and with offices in Miami, Buenos Aires and Mexico, BBC Mundo benefits from the international news-gathering strength of the BBC.
Mundo screenshot

The Background

The BBC World Service decided to provide a fun yet educational application to the Spanish speaking market place that would demonstrate that you cannot always believe what you read. The solution had to be a creative, intuitive and engaging online game to show people how easy it is to create fake news.

The Solution

Digital Geeks created a solution based on automated image processing, to allow users to upload images of themselves or friends and family to create realistically integrated media stories for distribution amongst friends.

Case study: Houses of Parliament

About Houses of Parliament

The UK Parliament needs little introduction as a governmental body. Its Parliamentary Archives department provides access to the archives of the House of Lords, the House of Commons and to other records relating to Parliament.
Parliament full
Parliament screenshot

The Background

The Parliamentary Archives’ purpose is to provide processing services for documents with historical value. Their existing system was based on an Access database alongside Microsoft Office files, which was unwieldy and inefficient. They came to Digital Geeks looking for a better way to optimize these services.

The Solution

Digital Geeks developed a state of the art archive management system for the Parliamentary archives, to replace their existing system. Massively reducing the operational costs and providing a painless and automated platform for archiving, it introduced a new layer of visibility to archived information for the UK Parliament.

Case study: HMV

About HMV

HMV is a leading specialist retailer of music, film, games and technology products, made famous by its instantly recognisable and iconic image of the “Dog and Trumpet”. Practically synonymous with the development of British popular music and culture, HMV has been delighting customers with its entertainment offerings since 1921.
HMV Screenshot

The Background

HMV needed to create a new loyalty points system that integrated with their existing points system, as well as with an external database of membership details, in order to create a solution that allowed for real-time order processing, points updates and member registration.

The Solution

Digital Geeks developed a comprehensive loyalty points solution for HMV entitled Pure. A customer-facing site allowed the redemption of points against products and competition entries, whilst a full e-commerce back-end allowed member management, order processing, and the addition of partners to the platform.

Case study: Histropedia

About Histropedia

Histropedia is a creative start-up company that wanted to create a new way to experience Wikipedia. Harnessing the power of Wikidata, Histropedia aims to help people visualize the wealth of Wikipedia’s information on a fully interactive timeline.
Histropedia screenshot

The Background

Histropedia knew that they would need to partner with an established and talented development team in order to bring their ambitious plans to life. They came to Digital Geeks to share their vision of an open, educational platform and make use of our expertise in building inspirational software.

The Solution

Digital Geeks developed a web application where users can graphically view historical events on an interactive timelines. Data is pulled from Wikidata, and presented on a zoom-able and scrollable GUI in order to allow users to move and view the information however they want.


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